Patio Hardscaping & Installations

Would you like more functional spaces for outdoor living and entertaining? At Wilkins Lawn & Landscape our hardscape and patio contractors design and create stunning backyard oases where life happens and memories are made. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745.

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Deck and Patio Contractor Services

Patio Hardscaping

The foundation of an outdoor living space often starts with a paver patio. Paving stones are manufactured to look and feel like concrete, brick, and other materials. They interlock with each other to create cohesive patterns while still retaining slits between each brick. These popular patios offer some benefits over traditional patios.

  1. The interlocking pavers are four times stronger than poured concrete. Because of the slits, the stones are flexible and can expand and contract with the weather conditions, making them less prone to cracking.
  2. The slits between each stone also allow for water to drain back into the soil rather than running off into storm drains.
  3. In the rare instance that a paver is damaged, it’s a quick fix because each stone is an individual unit.
  4. Removing spills and stains on pavers is easier than on concrete.

Our patio remodeling contractors can create a beautiful large or small paver patio customized to your specifications. We can add any number of hardscape features as mentioned below for further customizations.

Hardscape Additions

Our deck and patio contractors specialize in turning the exposed spots into private outdoor retreats complete with your most desired features.

  1. Broom-finish concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and surrounds.
  2. Decks.
  3. Retaining walls.
  4. Customized outdoor kitchens with appliances.
  5. Customized full masonry projects including:
    • Seat walls with columns capped with limestone.
    • Built-in grills and grill islands.
    • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Because we are also landscape design professionals, we can complete the vision with trees, shrubs, and flowers to make a private sanctuary perfect for family gatherings and business events.

Landscape Design and Installation Process

We’ll walk you through each phase of the project.


The designer, owner, and clients meet at the client’s property to assess the property and establish the vision. We talk colors, plant choices, materials, likes, and dislikes. We excel at helping clients envision a beautiful and functional space.

Design Phase

Our designer draws up the plans.

Customer Approval

We meet to discuss the plans and any changes you may wish to make.

Schedule and Build

We determine start and end dates and begin building.


Other Landscaping Services

Consider us for all your seasonal outdoor projects. Our designers are skilled at seeing the potential of your property and bringing it to life.

Why Choose Us

Wilkins is the patio and hardscaping company of choice because we exceed expectations. We create seamless landscapes incorporating lush lawns and inspired landscape designs, building a lovely canvas to showcase your home or business.

  • We’ve been beautifying landscapes across Carmel since 2007.
  • We are a full-service company for all your lawn and landscape needs.
  • We are detail-oriented, timely, and accountable.
  • We blend innovation and sustainability in all we do.
  • We’ve trained with renowned tree experts and have mastered tree-planting procedures.

Hardscape Contractors for Your Home or Business

Create magical spaces and lasting memories with the help of Wilkins Lawn & Landscape professionals. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745. We also serve the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Sheridan, and more.

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