Landscape Grading & Drainage Services

Water management and proper grading are essential to maintaining a beautiful, functional property. Wilkins Lawn & Landscape offers effective drainage and land grading services to safeguard your property. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745.

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Land Grading & Drainage Contractors

Land Leveling Services

We offer both rough and finish grading services for new-home builds or complete yard re-dos. We don’t skimp on equipment, using top-of-the-line bulldozers, skid steers, and excavators, depending on the desired grade.

  • Rough grading focuses on shaping and moving the soil and debris to prepare for finer adjustments.
  • Fine grading creates a smooth and level surface. The ground is now ready for laying sod or seeding for turfgrass.

Please Note: One commonly held misconception is that we can fix a poorly graded established lawn in an afternoon simply by rolling it. This is incorrect. The only way to fix this serious issue is to strip the yard and re-do the lawn. It can be done, but it’s a long, expensive process.

Drainage Contractor

In order for your property to drain efficiently and properly, the surrounding areas must be graded to correct the elevation levels. If standing water (especially after rainstorms) is an issue, you have a drainage problem. Untreated drainage problems often create other issues such as fungus, disease, or loss of turfgrass.

We’ll assess your lawn and design a plan to drain the water away from the home, business, or any other structures and into a swale where the water can naturally drain.

Is a French Drain the Answer to My Problem?

People often think a French drain is the answer to most drainage concerns, but in our experience, French drains, which tend to clog, often cause more problems than they fix. We’ll design a drainage solution that works, customized to your yard and drainage situation.

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French Drain Installation Service

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Other Landscaping Services

Consider us for all your seasonal outdoor projects. Our designers are skilled at seeing the potential of your property and bringing it to life.

Why Choose Us

At Wilkins, clients choose us for grading and drainage services because we exceed expectations. We create seamless landscapes incorporating lush lawns and inspired landscape designs, building a lovely canvas to showcase your home or business.

  • We’ve been beautifying landscapes across Carmel since 2007.
  • We are a full-service company for all your lawn and landscape needs.
  • We are detail-oriented, timely, and accountable.
  • We blend innovation and sustainability in all we do.
  • We’ve trained with renowned tree experts and have mastered tree-planting procedures.

Your Grading & Drainage Expert

Since 2007 we’ve successfully helped businesses and homeowners fix their poor grading and drainage issues. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745. We also serve the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Tipton, and more.

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