Tree & Shrub Planting Services

Trees and shrubs increase the aesthetics and value of a property by adding shade and dimension to a property. They provide food and homes for wildlife and places to play for children. Often, they grow up with our families and are recalled in our fondest memories. Enjoy their presence for this generation and the next with the help of tree planting services from Wilkins Lawn & Landscape. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745.

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Tree Installation Services

Enhance the beauty and comfort of your landscape with trees and shrubs

  • A yard with mature trees provides cooler spaces for summer relaxation.
  • Temperatures can be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than in the full sun.
  • Trees and shrubs have an inherent beauty. Flowering trees and shrubs enhance their surroundings even more in the spring and summer.
  • Trees and shrubs provide shelter and food for wildlife and help to balance the ecosystem in your yard.
  • Children love to play in and under trees.
  • Trees provide privacy in today’s crowded subdivisions.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

It takes expert knowledge to plant a tree correctly, avoiding the costly mistakes we often see on newly planted trees:

Mulch volcanoes. In this scenario, mulch is installed too high up on the tree trunk.

Tree planted too high in the ground.

Tree planted too low in the ground.

All of these practices lead to poor growth and often the eventual demise of the tree.

Expert Tree
Installation Service

Early in his career, owner Brad was trained by renowned tree experts in the proper installation and care of trees. This specialized training sets us apart in the field and leads to the successful installation and growth of trees and shrubs.

  1. We follow an exact planting process in which we identify the root flare and collar and plant them correctly.
  2. We then leave a “donut ring” around the flare and collar, allowing them to dry out.
  3. Finally, we mulch appropriately outside of the donut ring.

Not following best planting practices leads to girdled roots and dry tree flares, which usually lead to the demise of the tree 10 years or so later. Trees are expensive. We plant them correctly and train you on their care so they will be with you and the next generation.

Elevate Your Landscape With Tree & Shrub Planting

Other Landscaping Services

Consider us for all your seasonal outdoor projects. Our designers are skilled at seeing the potential of your property and bringing it to life.

Why Choose Us

Wilkins is the tree and shrub planting company of choice because we exceed expectations. We create seamless landscapes incorporating lush lawns and inspired landscape designs, building a lovely canvas to showcase your home or business.

  • We’ve been beautifying landscapes across Carmel since 2007.
  • We are a full-service company for all your lawn and landscape needs.
  • We are detail-oriented, timely, and accountable.
  • We blend innovation and sustainability in all we do.
  • We’ve trained with renowned tree experts and have mastered tree-planting procedures.

Enhance Your Property by Planting Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are a foundational piece of landscape design. For seamless integration into your commercial or residential property, the experts of Wilkins Lawn & Landscape are here to help with our tree planting services. Request an estimate today in Carmel or contact us at (317) 406-4745. We also serve the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Cicero, and more.

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