Mulch Delivery & Installation Services

Mulching is the final step in the care and installation of commercial and residential landscape beds. Mulch creates a polished look, while also providing numerous benefits. Request an estimate today in Carmel, Indiana, or contact Wilkins Lawn & Landscape at (317) 406-4745 for our mulching services.

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Why Should I Mulch?

Over the years, we’ve seen the benefits of mulching landscape beds.

Weed control

We work diligently to install beds without any weeds. Mulch helps to maintain a weed-free environment. In a competition for water and nutrients, fast-growing weeds often choke out plants. Mulch gives plants an advantage.


Mulch helps keep moisture where you want it — in the soil. Don’t let the wind and hot, dry summers rob your soil of the life-giving moisture your plants need.

Temperature regulation

Mulch also helps protect plants from cold and hot temperature extremes.

Soil enrichment

As organic mulch breaks down, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients. Over time this leads to increased growth and better health.

Soil erosion prevention

Mulch helps retain soil, especially in sloping yards during heavy rains.

Esthetically pleasing

When compared to bare soil, mulch presents a finished, professional look.

Mulch Installation Services

Whether we’ve designed and installed your bed ourselves or are topping off an already established bed at your home or commercial property, we always recommend finishing a landscaped bed with mulch.

Our Process

  1. Clean up the beds. We make sure the bed is tidy and clear of weeds and debris.
  2. Edge the beds. We edge the beds to a depth of 3 inches (or as deep an edge as you want) and then spread a 2-inch layer of mulch to the bottom of the new edge. This redefines the bed, contains the mulch, and gives it a crisp, clean edge.
  3. Apply the mulch. Choose from a variety of products:
    • Natural, shredded hardwood.
    • Brown or black dyed mulch.
    • Cypress (long-lasting lifespan of about 2 years).
    • Cedar (some believe it’s more resistant to insects).

Other Services

Consider us for all your seasonal outdoor projects. Our designers are skilled at seeing the potential of your property and bringing it to life.

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Why Choose Us

Wilkins is the mulching company of choice because we exceed expectations. We create seamless landscapes incorporating lush lawns and inspired landscape designs, building a lovely canvas to showcase your home or business.

We’ve been beautifying landscapes across Carmel since 2007.

We are a full-service company for all your lawn and landscape needs.

We are detail-oriented, timely, and accountable.

We blend innovation and sustainability in all we do.

We’ve trained with renowned tree experts and have mastered tree-planting procedures.

Improve Your Landscaping With Mulching Services

Attract customers to your business or welcome guests to your home with beautifully landscaped and mulched beds. Request an estimate today for your Carmel property or contact us at (317) 406-4745. We also serve the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Anderson, and more.

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