Stump Grinding Services

If a tree stump in your yard is an obstacle to your landscape plans, our stump and tree grinding service is the solution. Wilkins Lawn & Landscape will remove the stump, making way for new plans and new growth. Request an estimate today for your Carmel-area home or business or contact us at (317) 406-4745.

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Stump and Root Grinding Services

Options for Tree Stump Grinding Service

We offer several options tailored to your needs and budget.


We grind the stump. You are in charge of cleanup.


We grind the stump and clean up the mess.


We grind the stump, clean up the mess, add topsoil, and seed the area.


We grind the stump, plant a new tree, clean up, and mulch the area.

Stump Grinding &
Tree Replacement

Many of our clients are sad to lose a tree, having enjoyed the beauty, shade, and memories it provided their family. At Wilkins, we specialize in a method of stump and root grinding that enables you to replant a new tree in the exact spot, revitalizing your landscape with new life. This is our process:

  • When grinding the stump, we evaluate the ratio of dirt to wood chips. As long as the ratio is 50-50 or greater (more dirt than wood chips), we can plant a tree in the same spot.
  • If there are more wood chips than dirt, we will haul away some of the chips and add extra dirt, enabling us to plant a new tree.
  • Over time, the wood chips break down and add organic matter to the soil, benefitting the new tree and giving it a healthy start on life.

It’s a seamless transition from the old to the new, allowing you to choose a favorite tree to grace your home and property.

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Other Landscaping Services

Consider us for all your seasonal outdoor projects. Our designers are skilled at seeing the potential of your property and bringing it to life.

Why Choose Us

Wilkins is the stump removal company of choice because we exceed expectations. We create seamless landscapes incorporating lush lawns and inspired landscape designs, building a lovely canvas to showcase your home or business.

  • We’ve been beautifying landscapes across Zionsville since 2007.
  • We are a full-service company for all your lawn and landscape needs.
  • We are detail-oriented, timely, and accountable.
  • We blend innovation and sustainability in all we do.
  • We’ve trained with renowned tree experts and have mastered tree-planting procedures.

Clear Your Property With Stump & Root Grinding

Whether you want a clean palette for landscape design or you would like to replace a tree with a new one, Wilkins Lawn & Landscape can help with our tree stump grinding service. Request an estimate today in Carmel or contact us at (317) 406-4745. We also serve the surrounding areas including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Sheridan, and more.

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